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Light Monkey 3 Watt Backup LED

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Light Monkey 3 Watt Backup LED

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400 lumen, 3 Watt LED


With a tried and true design, the 3 Watt LED light is constructed from a solid rod of Delrin® for years of reliable use. Delrin makes for a rock-solid light and will not corrode in a salt water environment. The LED backup lights include a simple twist on/off design with a double O-ring seal. The bodies are knurled and grooved to provide a secure grip (even for hands in dry gloves).

  • Three C-cells provide 600 minutes of burn time
  • 400 Lumen Output
  • 8° beam angle
  • Double o-ring seal
  • Body Diameter 3.5cm
  • Bezel Diameter 4cm
  • 20cm Overall length
  • Depth rated to 150m
  • Batteries included
  • Batteries installed with positive pointed down and negative towards the light head

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