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PADI Open Water Course (One on One Private Tuition)

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PADI Open Water Course (One on One Private Tuition)

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The PADI Open Water Diver is the beginning of your diving adventure. It's also the most popular learn to dive certification, and one of the most recognised in the world.

The Open Water course with Pure Dive in Brisbane introduces you to the aquatic world in safe, gradual manner, allowing you plenty of time to learn, and then practice the skills that you'll go on to use again in the course, and many skills which will become second nature as you use them throughout your future scuba diving life.

Our three day course not only allows more time to practice those skills, and enjoy the experience, but includes a day trip to either Cook Island or Flinders Reef for the last two dives of your course.

When you've finished the course, you'll not only have your Open Water license, but you'll be free to explore a whole new world like no other.

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The Open Water course introduces you to the aqautic world in safe, gradual manner, allowing you plenty of time to learn and then practice the skills that you'll go on to use again in the course, and many skills which will become second nature as you use them throughout your future diving life.


The PADI Open Water course consists of three segments:

  • Knowledge Development
  • Confined Water 
  • Open Water Dives
Knowledge Development

During Knowledge Development, you'll learn about the aquatic world, and learn some of the theory that you'll put into practice when you get into the pool and the sea. This is done using PADI's Open Water Touch (or manual and DVD if you don't have access to a tablet device). This is generally done independently before your course to allow you to learn at your own pace, and at a time that suits you.

In the manual, there are five knowledge reviews to be completed as you go through your reading. You should bring these along with you to the course. These recap what you've learned, allowing your instructor to identify any problem areas, or areas which need review. Knowledge Development is completed with a short exam covering everything you've learnt.
Confined Water dives
Confined Water

When you come along to the course, we start in the pool, with some watermanship exercises, before applying some of the theory that you've learned, before learning and practicing all the basic skills and signals that you'll go on to use in the sea. Learning takes place in stages - as you master one skill, we build upon it moving from simple to the more complex, as you become more comfortable in the water, till you've mastered them all.

When you've mastered each of the skills and signals, it's time to go to the sea...

Sea Turtlke

Open Water Dives

Over the four Open Water scuba dives, you'll explore the underwater world for real, demonstrating and putting into the practice the skills you learned in the pool as you do. When you've successfully completed all four dives you'll be an internationally recognised PADI Open Water diver qualified to dive to 18m with a buddy.

 Dives one & two take place from the shore, whilst dives three and four from a boat, normally at the amazing Flinders Reef.

We run our Open Water course over three days starting in Brisbane:

  • You complete your knowledge development, bringing your completed knowledge reviews along to the course
  • On the first day we complete Confined Water in the pool.
  • After your first Open Water dive, we will complete the exam
  • On the second day, we go to the sea to complete your first two Open Water dives
  • On the third and final day, we go to Flinders Reef to complete our two final dives.

To take part in the Open Water you need to be:

  • 12 years or older (under 15's get the Junior Open Water certification)
  • Able to swim 200m (or snorkel 400m)
  • be able to complete the PADI medical questionnaire, OR get an Australian national standard medical exam

Included in the course is:

Not included:

What's next?
Now that you've completed your Open Water, you can go on to do your Advanced Open Water, taking you to 30m and giving you a taste of five different types of diving, or perhaps try one of our Specialty Diver courses

Please note: all our courses are student-centred, and performance based, not time-based. We will provide opportunities as necessary for you to master all course components. Three days is based on an average time necessary to complete the knowledge development, all pool skills, and four open water dives. Because different people learn at different rates, additional time may be required for some people to comfortably meet the standard required for certification. Additional days (as required) are at additional cost.


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